Hello, I'm
Caroline Pes
I help artists to conceptualize and strategize their artistic practice.

I’m art historian, lecturer, methodologist, university tutor.
I educate art professionals.

Most art historians work for art lovers. They study, research, interpret, explain and describe artworks to a wide audience.

I adore playing on the other side of the field. I’m an art historian for artists.
Being creative and express oneself is cool! But being a professional artist is not about lightning bolts of inspiration.
Being a professional artist is about understanding your place on the art scene (local or global) and knowing who the key players are, who is starring, who is emerging etc. Being a professional artist is about meeting the requirements of a career field, getting contemporary relevant and competent. 

It's important for an artist not only to master a technique, a style but also to learn how to influence the viewer and evoke emotions.

In order to grab viewers’ attention it's not enough just to depict something. A successful artist knows exactly what to do and whom for. The professional approach to artistic practice is to project a certain reaction of your audience. This is the highest level of professionalism and it’s not inborn. It can be learned!

This is what it looks like from the perspective of work in a professional field. The professionals strategize their practice. Artistic practice strategizing lead to high job performance and success throughout a career.

The successful career of a contemporary artist is based on some rules and strategies.

And I can help artists to build their own strategy using a theory-based approach.

The key questions we usually work with are:
  • How to find the life-long topic to work with
  • How to be recognizable
  • How to describe and how to explain my art
  • How to match all those things to get involved in the contemporary art scene
Here you can find
on artistic practice strategizing and the approach I use
Where did this approach come from?

I have been giving lectures since I was 18.

I studied classical art history in St.Petersburg (I lived there for 30 years). I studied contemporary art theory in Moscow (and lived there for 8 years), doing my research on artistic practice strategizing in a state university and studying at the numerous institutions and contemporary art centers. 

Past years I worked mostly with russian-speaking artists (check out my previous Instagram account), that’s why only a small part of courses and lectures is available in English. Though I keep working on it.

By the way, (fun fact:)

I joined Instagram recently and received a pretty unexpectable comment “you’re fake, a no-name etc”. I never thought that I would have to prove my professional qualification. 

During the first "quarantine" I went into online teaching and never came out.
Online activities evolved into a big educational project, my own courses on artistic practice strategizing. Hundreds of artists went through these courses.

Now that you know me, let me show you some examples of how strategizing works.
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